Coaching services are offered both as an hourly consulting rate and as an ongoing monthly training plan and coaching.

The hourly consulting rate is intended to allow riders the chance to video chat and bounce off ideas with an experienced rider. Anything from ‘where do I go from here?’ to ‘why does my back hurt?’ to ‘what do you recommend for a strategy for this race?’ and anything else you want to talk about that you feel you can’t get a personalized or concrete answer about from elsewhere. There have been a lot of times where I am confused and have questions and feel I can’t discover the answer; my goal is to be as helpful as possible by leaning on my knowledge and experience to guide you to your answers.

Monthly coaching is your typical coaching schedule. My personal goal is to focus on full athlete development. A lot of coaches focus on the short term, knowing they can get fast gains doing certain workouts, but it caps out eventually and the rider stagnates. Instead, consistent month over month, year over year development is desired both from an athletic perspective and as a cyclist who needs race skills and good habits to succeed at a high level.

You can email me at with inquiries about consulting or coaching.