Being your best endurance athlete is complicated. Fausto Coppi, when asked for three pieces of advice for an aspiring cyclist, responded “Ride your bike, ride your bike, ride your bike”. While most of us love our sport, we don’t have the luxury to just ride, ride, ride. And in the days of science and technology, simply riding will no longer produce the results of the past as your competitors used advanced techniques to gain an edge.

My hope is to be a reference and guide to understanding the nuances of endurance athletics with a focus on my favorite sport, cycling. I have raced my bike for more than a decade and spent way too long trying to cross the white line with no one in front of me. At Hammond Cycling, I hope to share my experiences and the science of endurance sport. If you race, I hope you can claim a victory or at least a podium with the information provided here. If you do not race, there is still a reason to improve. Floating up hills, keeping up in group rides, or completing that killer all day ride are all beautiful aspects of this sport; I want to help you achieve them.

This is Hammond Cycling. Let’s make you fast.

Jason Hammond
Owner, Lead Writer
Hammond Cycling